Complete outsourcing of service and warranty claims on seating furniture. Who wouldn't want that? In this way the furniture retailer or manufacturer is assured of continuity at his after-sales organisation, also at times when there is less staff available.

With our service concept Zitgarant, we offer a flexible tailor made solution to unburden you from the legal European 2 year warranty. Every seating furniture supplied with Zitgarant receives the best possible care in case of a service request. Our well-trained service staff, in 94% of cases, is able to resolve a warranty claim during the first visit.  That is most certainly reassuring

Would you like more information about the various possibilities of Zitgarant? Call +31(0)541-570400 or send an email to sales@oranjefurniturecare.com and we will make a tailor made proposal.

As a customer of Zitgarant, you can resolve complaints that are not covered by the regular service. For example, overall pollution of the furniture fabric and damages to the leather. The normally applicable consumer rate is € 220, including VAT, per visit. As a customer of Zitgarant, you will receive a discount of 50% on this rate. If you wish to use this service, please contact one of the staff at our Service Centre.


Zitgarant is an additional service programme for a period of 5 years. Zitgarant offers service on a number of problems that are not covered by factory warrenty. This service is so extensive that you can enjoy your new furniture for 5 years without any problems.