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We make use of different types of cookies: functional cookies and analytical cookies. We will explain below what this means.

Functional cookies

Logging in with your log-in details, a functionality which does not work without these cookies. The functional cookies ensure that the website works properly.

Analytical cookies

We are always in search of improvements. We need your help for this. This cookie gives us information about for instance the functioning of our website and the most frequently visited pages.

Switching off cookies

Do you not like the idea that cookies collect information? You can switch them off yourself or prevent them being automatically accepted. How this works depends on the type of browser. However, bear in mind that the website will not work optimally without cookies.

Blocking or allowing cookies in Internet Explorer

In Internet Explorer you can select the level of the cookie filter:
• Click on ‘Extra’
• Click on ‘Internet options’
• Click on the tab ‘Privacy’
• Move the slider to choose your settings

For more detailed privacy settings, click on ‘Advanced’ or go to

Blocking or allowing cookies in Safari

• Click on ‘Preferences’ from the Safari menu
• Select ‘Security’
• The cookie settings will now be shown
• Choose your settings

For more info, visit:

Blocking or allowing cookies in Google Chrome

• Click on the menu ‘Extra’
• Select ‘Delete Browser details’
• Click on ‘Remove Cookies and other site and plug-in details’

For more info, visit:

Blocking or allowing cookies in Mozilla Firefox

In Mozilla Firefox you can select which sites may place cookies and how long they are kept for. You can also view and manage your existing cookies:
• Click on ‘Menu’ and then ‘Options’
• Click on ‘Privacy’
• Click on ‘Cookies’
• Choose the settings

For more info, visit: